Id, Ego, and Super-Ego....

"Psychopathic personality" to mean "the existence in any person of such hereditary, congenital or acquired condition affecting the emotional or volitional rather than the intellectual field and manifested by anomalies of such character as to render satisfactory social adjustment of such person difficult or impossible".

The Id is the "instinct" side of the subconscious: it craves self-gratification. The Super-ego, in turn, is the logical and less instinctual side. Moreover, the Ego is the side that decides the balance between the Id and the Super-ego.

Id, a form of the subconscious mind according to psychologist . When he dissociates, he becomes insane, destructive, and extremely powerful. The id is the primal, or beastlike, part of the brain, determined to pursue actions that are pleasurable, such as eating or copulation. The prime motive of the id is self-survival, pursuing whatever necessary to accomplish that goal.

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