Emotional Health - Bereavement

One in four of us will experience some sort of mental health issue at some stage in our lives, and for example is "bereavement". There's no right or wrong way to grieve and there's no telling how long it may take but how we face it.

There's many types of bereavement, for example:
1. Losing a child - finding support when your world's turned upside down
2. Losing a parent - both adults and children may have to face this loss
3. The death of a partner - the emotional and practical impact of being widowed
4. The death of a friend - facing the loss of a friend and the gap left in your life

And the effect of bereavement? Let's say it can effect us physically or mentally:
1. The physical effects of bereavement - a look at how grief affects the body as well as the mind
2. How bereavement affects human - anger, sadness, confusion, fatigue - everyone is different

How to help your self when you face this situation? The most important is you do NOT hurt yourself. You should care with your own health, because the one that past before us won't like if we sick/hurt, right?

Then deal with your feelings. Sharing the pain with other members of the family can be helpful, but they too may have their own pain and may not want to hear your story repeatedly. A good friend who's not so emotionally involved may be prepared to listen.

And if that is difficult, maybe you can try a bereavement counselling. Why? Because, sometimes an outsider can help you sort out your feelings.