What is Insomnia? Insomnia is repeated difficulty in getting to, staying or getting enough good quality sleep, despite adequate opportunity, which leads to some form of impairment of performance or well being during the daytime.

But why we have this kind of thing? Hmm,,, sleeping difficulties are most commonly caused by stress and worry. And of course we all faces this kind of things everyday, from work, or maybe relationship problems. Another common causes include physical illness that causes pain, environmental noise, caffeine or alcohol consumption, and medication side-effects.

Insomnia really affect our body and mind to excessive daytime tiredness, which in turn may be responsible for accidents, poor concentration, and irritability.

Then how to get well or sleep like a normal people? We could try to follow a set routine, going to sleep and getting up at the same time and avoiding daytime naps, and do NOT work in your bedroom.

We could also try avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Getting more exercise during the day, having a warm milky drink before bed, and herbs such as valerian and camomile can also help.

Source: BBC -Health: Insomnia