Music For Us

Everybody loves to hear music, or even play music. So what makes us love music?
*Bring Back Memories
You won't forget your wedding song or your memories with your beloved one right?

*Make Yourself Comfort
Generally, people listening to slow or love songs when they're broken heart. Believe me, most of them.... But why listen to slow or love songs? From my experience is because of the lyrics or rhythm that will makes us comfort.

But how bout they that listening to metal songs? It's same, they're listening music to be comfort but with a different music style [cause each person has a different personality and taste of music. I think this has some kind of connection with psychology huh? Don't know for exactly, LoLz]

*Having Fun
You're happy when you're sing right? Or when you hear your favorite songs, you'll move your hand, or legs spontaneously and maybe you'll jump to the floor then go dancing. Well, we all like this, maybe cause this is what music for, to bring happiness!

Well, that's in my opinion, hope you like it [LoLz].... Ce Ya Guys XD