All About Stress

Everyone needs goals and challenges. But too much can be damaging, such as stress problem. Any sort of loss, from bereavement, divorce and separation to a child leaving home, causes stress, as do long-term illness and disability. But things such as marriage, moving house, a new job and holidays have quite high stress ratings too.

Global Stress Symptoms:
1. Heightened sensitivity to criticism.
2. Difficulty getting to sleep and early morning waking.
3. Loss of concentration.
4. Smoking or drinking more.

Then how do we deal with this things?!
The way to managing stress is to look after yourself and, remove some of the causes of stress if possible. Take a day off work, domestic chores, family and everything else that puts pressure on you. Spend the day doing only relaxing things that make you feel good.

Here's some tips to co-op with stress things:
1. Accept offers of practical help.
2. Know your own limits, don't be too competitive or expect too much of yourself .
3. Try to spend time with people who are rewarding rather than critical and judgment.
4. Let off steam in a way that causes no harm, maybe you can shout, scream or hit a pillow.