Dynasty Warriors 7

Set to launch on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, more cool, more exiting, you wouldn't want to miss it especially if you're a Dynasty Warriors Fans.

Dynasty Warriors 7 removed the repetitive "Renbu" combat system with the return of the reliable charge system. The charge system would allow players to string an increasingly longer combo which would end in a special move with some type of ranging effect.

And what is make you want to play this game badly? Not only it's storyline that more 'realistic' but also we allowed to use two different weapons and switch on the fly between the two. For example, Zhao Yun may use his Spear and a Sword.

Btw, there are two main modes in Dynasty Warriors 7, Story Mode and Conquest Mode:
* Story Mode plays like old style Dynasty Warriors, which is the player chooses a character and plays through a structured campaign that delivers story elements both on and off the battlefield.
* Conquest Mode is an all-new addition, which is the player plots their own path through the game.

The objectives in Conquest Mode are mostly the same type of gameplay as that in the Story Mode, with a few exceptions, though of course allow more unlocks and more exploration of each of the game’s many characters.

Can't wait to play this game, and you may look forward from it's official website, right here: "Dynasty Warriors"