Easy Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips
It is undeniable that what we do affect our health, our behaviors can improve the quality of our life and even lowering risk of many sickness. People might think that being healthy is complicated, while in reality, it isn't as hard as you think. Now, let us see few simple tips you can definitely do

1. Avoid  Added Sugars
Sweets can be the main reason why you get fat. Yes, it's hard to resist that lovely chocolate cake, soda, fruit juice, but don't. Avoid it, or at least put it to minimum.

2. Stay Away From Junk Food
Eating junk food on regular basis can lead to an increased risk of obesity and chronic diseases. Junk food is a food that is calorie-dense and nutrient poor. You won't get anything good from eating junk food.

3. Exercise Regularly
Regular physical activity can be good for you. While it can be hard to find the time, it’s important to fit in at least 30 minutes of activity every day. Make exercise a habit by setting aside the same time for it each day. Try going to the gym at lunchtime or taking a walk regularly after dinner.

4. Get Enough Sleep
Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. You can also take a nap during the day, which may provide a boost in alertness and performance. However, if you have trouble falling asleep at night, limit naps or take them earlier in the afternoon.

The Effects of Vaping

Health Risk of Vaping
Vaping has been a trend and lifestyle among teens, or even adults. People use vape as a substitute for cigarette because how it works. Vape user inhales and exhales the aerosol, or vapor, created by a vaping device. The key point of vape is the e-liquid or e-juice, which is a combination of nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.

There are few reasons why vape got so many attention, for example
1. Tasteful
Vape cartridges are available in many flavors such as apple pie, chocolate, cherry, strawberry milk, etc. These flavors aren't common in cigarettes, so for vape users, this is a plus point.
2. Conformity
Pressure from friends can also be a good reason why teenagers think that vape is super cool. The media effect also makes them want to try vaping themselves.
3. Accessibility
You can easily get vape via online store, also the price isn't as expensive as real cigarettes.

#Health Risk of Vaping
Just like cigarettes, nicotine is the primary substance and it is harmful to human health. Nicotine raises blood pressure and adrenaline levels, as a result it increases heart rate. Other than nicotine, vape also contains other substance such as formaldehyde, glycerol. These are toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, heart, and respiratory disease.

#Other Info
Did you know that vape can blow up? There were so many reports of vape batteries catching fire, overheating, and exploding while they were using the vape. Some of them were hurt badly. Just imagine something explode on your fingers or even worse, when you inhale it.

BUT, there were also another reports where people gave up smoking by using vape. On one side, this is a great deal, because we all know that smoking is bad for your health. On the other side, while the percentage of cigarette smoking went down, we still need more research to make sure that the vape is truly safe, and only hurt your body a 'little bit'. Hopefully there won't be any intervention from cigarette manufacturers, so we can have honest research.